Balanced Budget Petition


A Petition to Congress and the President

A Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution would limited the spending by the federal government to no more than the revenue collected each year. Allowances would be made for Congress to spend more in times of war, severe recession, or other circumstances requiring emergency expenditures beyond total revenues, so long as a supermajority vote of 60% in both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate approved.

We hereby petition Congress to pass the Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) because neither our nation, nor her citizens, can afford to continue supporting the fiscal policies of the status quo. In just the past four years, our national debt has skyrocketed from approximately $10 Trillion to more than $16 Trillion, with little sign of slowing, and little to show for it.


Today, 49 of the 50 states in the United States operate under constitutions requiring balanced budgets, as do a vast majority of our nation’s major cities. It is long overdue that our federal government operate under the same fiscal constraints. It is long overdue that the representatives and senators charged with managing the finances of the American people began treating those duties with respect, and treating the dollars they spent as if they were their own.

The BBA is the only fool-proof system, proven to work at the state and local levels, which avoids the traps of other fiscal schemes dreamt up in Congress and by special interests to avoid restoring sanity to the broken system used in Washington to continue taxing-and-spending America into bankruptcy.

We call on Congress and the American people to demand accountability once and for all, and to begin with the passage and ratification of a Balanced Budget Amendment to finally restore sanity to America’s fiscal house.


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