Illegal Immigration


There is no state… there is no community in America… which has not been harmed by America’s unsecured border, by the continuing threats posed by illegal immigration, and by the 12-23 million illegal aliens residing in our nation today.

Illegal immigration is an economic catastrophe, a national security disaster waiting to happen, and one of the clearest indications that Congress and the White House are only interested in playing political games, regardless of the jobs or human lives lost.

The Obama Administration is unwilling to address the worsening problems concerning our unsecured border and illegal immigration, and instead has pursued a highly politicized “open border agenda” that has left our children, families and schools vulnerable to drugs and violent crime, millions of Americans unemployed because jobs have been lost to illegal laborers who work “under the table” for lower wages, and our cities and states wasting millions of dollars fighting Presidential lawsuits simply because they tried to do the job Barack Obama wouldn’t.


The first step of any immigration policy must be to secure the borders that should have been secured long ago. Congress and the White House need to end the flow of illegal immigration into America today, and demonstrate to the American people they take this issue seriously. Otherwise, the greater likelihood is that new promises from Congress and the White House are just like the ones we’ve gotten before: Empty Promises.

Second, it’s long past time that we put an end to the incentives which draw illegal immigrants to America. The promises of employment and benefits without repercussion must come to an end. Moreover, the ability of illegals to enter the United States and overstay visas with impunity must be brought to a swift and decisive end, or once again, nothing we do to reform or improve our immigration system will matter.

Once and for all, Congress and the White House must stop making excuses and trying to pass the buck on all the failures of our nation’s immigration system. The buck rests with you. Whether you inherited the problems or caused them, the buck still rests with you. The opportunity to fix today’s problems or to exacerbate them rests with you. And the time for excuses, political games, theatrics, race-baiting, and all your other games is long, long, long over.

To join the EOS Action effort to end illegal immigration, stop the Obama-Reid-Pelosi amnesty schemes, and pass meaningful reforms to protect our borders, protect our elections and get America’s immigration system working again, SIGN HERE TODAY!