Our Story

To understand “Why EOS?” we need to take a moment and first explain that much as we’d like to take credit for inventing the wheel, we didn’t. In this case, we like to think we’re perfecting something the liberals have been doing for years. And doing well.

Since the mid-1980’s, an organized and determined group of liberal activists and businesspeople (their term is “socially conscious”, but the reality is simpler: liberal) have built a mobile phone company with millions of customers that has raised more than $72 MILLION for liberal causes, organizations and campaigns.

Former conservative congressman Allen West (R-FL) credits the “Credo attacks” run by this liberal company for his election defeat. And he isn’t alone.

With more than $72 MILLION pumping into liberal causes and campaigns in recent years, this ultra-liberal company has not only flooded the market with vile, often untrue liberal attack ads, but they have succeeded in registering and mobilizing liberal voters – many who never voted before. Perhaps many who weren’t even eligible?

Sound familiar? Consider just who resides in the White House today, and you can see the sort of success this company has had.


Back to EOS

“Eos” is the Greek goddess of dawn. Her name itself means “new beginnings”, and that’s exactly what America needs most today. A new beginning.

We need to throw out the old, tired, broken Welfare state and start anew. We need to empower families, parents, local communities – and return hope, opportunity and power in America to the people themselves, not to the bureaucrats and special interests in Washington who have all but taken over.

EOS is, we believe, that new beginning.

Ours is a technological nation, and even more common than home computers are cell phones and smart phones. Almost everyone owns one, and many have more than one – a personal phone and a work phone, for instance.

Today, your cell phone companies are among the biggest contributors to big government, the Welfare State and the status quo in Washington, donating millions and millions of dollars every year in campaign contributions to every politician who bothers to stick out his or her hand. And on top of that, tens of millions of dollars to “Super PACs” and unregulated money, all of which succeeded in re-electing Barack Obama to the White House, creating more gridlock in Congress, and ensuring that nothing ever changes in Washington.

Isn’t there a better way?

Yes, there is!  Go to www.Eos-Mobile.com to sign up today!