EOS Mobile

The big cell phone companies like AT&T and T-Mobile spend tens of millions of dollars each year making sure the status quo in Washington keeps right on going. Lobbyists, special interests, gigantic PACs funneling money into congressional campaigns. Most of that money comes directly from you, right out of the bills you pay each month.


With EOS Action, we put YOU in control… which will probably scare the pants off the special interests in Washington. First, it means you’ll be taking money out of the pockets of the big mobile phone company special interests. And their lobbyists.

And second, it means the money they would normally get will instead go to the CONSERVATIVE organization of YOUR choosing. A percentage of every EOS Mobile phone plan, pre-tax, will be donated to the conservative cause of each subscriber’s choice!

Is over-taxation your #1 issue? If so, you might opt to direct your percentage to Americans for Tax Reform. Are you concerned about President Obama’s attacks on our Second Amendment rights? If so, you might wish to choose the National Rifle Association. What about immigration? Ban Amnesty Now and NumbersUSA are both on our list of groups you can support.

Not only will you get the same (or better) national phone service and the same (or better) phone you’re already using, YOU get to take money out of the pockets of elitist liberals tearing America apart, and send it to conservative organizations you support!



In addition, at no extra charge, we’ll empower EOS Mobile customers with free monthly text messages and phone calls to your Members of Congress on the latest, hot-button issues… as they happen!

As Americans each of us has a right to have our voice heard in Washington. But do you ever feel the drone of special interests overpower you? Imagine you voice magnified by tens or even hundreds of thousands…instantly, at the push of a button AND free of charge!

You better believe that Washington will hear us when you call!



And finally, the EOS ACTION Super-PAC will work to mobilize grassroots conservatives from across the nation to demonstrate the power of our united conservative message in key districts and states where, with our leadership, we can elect conservatives to office.

This is one more area the liberals have proven themselves destructively effective, attacking conservatives and conservative-America with millions of dollars in negative ads, mobilizing tens of thousands of activists, and sending millions of Obama-voters to the polls.

Now is the time for conservatives to act… and act with purpose and resolve!