Second Amendment


Consider this interesting fact about America today: gun ownership is at an all-time high while our nation’s murder rate is approaching an all-time low. We suspect that were it not for the liberally-governed cities such as Chicago and New York, where guns only seem to be in the hands of criminals, our nation’s murder rate might actually have fallen to historic lows by now.

Sadly, however, guns remain the liberals #1 issue to demagogue at the expense of other people’s lives. Rather than spend time and resources educating communities about responsible gun ownership, liberals would rather blame innocent, responsible gun owners when criminals do very bad things with guns they shouldn’t possess.

As with immigration, guns are another instance where the problems we face today wouldn’t be so bad if the laws already on the books were simply enforced. Of course, no matter how many times we say it, liberals just don’t want to hear it.


The fact is, the liberals want just one thing: to punish conservative America by taking away their right to keep and bear arms.

It’s that simple… and it will never end, so long as there is one liberal left in office somewhere in America.

From Congress to the state legislatures to big city mayors like Mike Bloomberg (NYC), unconstitutional restrictions on our Second Amendment rights to purchase and own firearms to defend ourselves, our families and our homes are running rampant.

Most recently, California U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein’s so-called “Assault Weapon” ban is really the Liberal Left’s most blatant attack on all American gun owner’s we’ve ever seen. Conservative Senator Rand Paul called it “the effective END of the Second Amendment in America”!



This is more than just the anti-gun nuts trying to score political points off the terrible tragedy in Connecticut…

…this is a united effort by Barack Obama and his allies across the liberal political front trying to stop Americans from owning guns of all types – and putting owners of all weapons onto federal registries to be tracked by the government, each and every day!

These liberal wackos are out to demoralize, demonize and destroy conservative America at all costs. Even if the costs include the lives of innocent Americans when we can no longer protect our own families from criminals walking our streets.

The anti-gun Left is demanding to know where you buy your guns, where you buy your ammunition, where you practice shooting and how often. And after that, you can expect they’ll start to impose quotas and limits on both!

Now more than ever, your action and your activism is needed… today!




Will you join us today? Will you join with thousands of your fellow Americans in standing up to liberals in Congress and protecting your right to Keep & Bear Arms?

Please don’t delay… this is an urgent issue for all conservatives!