Conservative Values

Preserving, Protecting & Defending American Values

If you believe in Life, Liberty, and good, old fashioned American Values, join us and sign this petition today!


TO: President Obama & the U.S. Congress

RE: Restoring American Values


We, the petition signors, believe and support traditional, American family values. These begin with the most-precious gift of all: Life. America’s Founding Fathers acknowledged this truth in the Declaration of Independence, that we must protect life as a fundamental and unalienable rights. That remains as true today as it was in 1776.

In Congress and in the states, we must pass legislation recognizing that Life begins at conception, and guarantee the constitutional right of Life for unborn children. And we must stop spending taxpayer dollars to perform abortions, at home or overseas. This is a simple matter of faith, and government must not stand between the covenant which exists between Americans and God.


We, the petition signors, believe and support traditional marriage, the God-granted union between a man and a woman. We believe this is the core of the American family and the cornerstone of our great society. As strong supporters of states’ rights, we recognize that 31 states have passed constitutional amendments, laws or initiatives which define or limit marriage as between a man and a woman.


We, the petition signors, believe in the rights of parents and children over the rights of unions and bureaucrats in education, and believe that America’s best hope for a bright future rests with giving our children the strongest educational opportunities possible. That begins by giving parents and children more options in the education of their children, including the ability to send children to safer, better schools, charter schools, and even private schools when local public schools are failing to meet the needs of students.


We, the petition signors, believe that America is a great and strong nation because of our diversity, not in spite of it–but that we must celebrate our American citizenship and heritage as much as we remember our roots. Furthermore, we not only believe that English should be the official language of the United States, and used in all local, state, and federal government offices, but that it be a requirement for high school graduation in the United States that students be able to both read and speak English with sufficient proficiency to enroll in college.

Whereas we, the undersigned, believe that America’s best days remain in her future, we submit this statement of American values and do petition that work begin in earnest to restore our nation to all her former glory.